To B2B, From The Music Industry

To B2B, From The Music Industry

Imagine bringing the same excitement to your brand/company that the music industry is able to conjurer around their artists. As a creative marketer, there are two tools that are more important than anything – your strategic ability and your connections. Having your finger on the pulse is only effective if you are able to deploy strategies that can be realized. Your network is only useful if you are able to bring transnational value to your connections.

Over the last few years, I’ve had many opportunities where I was able to create with a blank canvas – whether it was branding and launching companies, bands, or product.s. However, something I’ve been severely lacking was the network of trusted and empowered professionals.

I’ve recently joined a creative agency/strategic marketing firm that has clients I have dreamed of working with. A team of talented professionals that pride themselves in taking the most convoluted projects and making them clear and approachable.

Since I started a few months ago, I’ve had the pleasure of working on projects like…

  • Conducting competitive research on the telecom industry – paving the way for 5G deployment nationwide.
  • Building an Web-AR application for a security/logistics company.
  • Branding and launching a global supply & compliance tool for an industry leading company.
  • Constructing websites for companies for industry leaders in Industrial Industry of Things (IIOT), Travel & Hospitality Information, Spa & Luxury Design, and Global Power.
  • Creating strategies for the roll-out of smart home infrastructure, the implementation of AIOps to improve complex IT situations, and a corporate positioning to redefine a global power analysis company for the future of renewable energy.

Do I miss the music industry? Sure. However, building my network and marketing chops in the big leagues will give me the tools necessary to launch an exciting new artist. While I’m here, I really enjoy being a part of the outsider group – when a company needs strategic positioning or branding assistance, they call us.

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