Revolution in the Creative Economy

Revolution in the Creative Economy

The way creatives interact with the public is broken. The world likes to compartmentalize people through the lens of “job labels” (I’m a web designer, I’m a barista) which tends to break the way a vast majority (90+%) creatives tend to view themselves.


My friend Julian is great example. A trained jazz musician by trade, he leads a jazz trio as well as an indie rock band. He also performs gigs as a solo musician. However, Julian’s creativity spills into other endeavors. He makes a good percentage of his living as a graphic designer, illustrator, and writer. If he were to list each of these as separate ventures, he would essentially be running six separate businesses – each with its own invoices, scheduling, to-do lists, payments, equipment, etc.


Running one business has enough problems, imagine running six by yourself, without any formal business education. It’d be a bit tricky right?


While there have been massive technological improvements over the last few years there isn’t a single solution to assist creative freelancers like Julian manage their careers.


LinkedIn is just a socialized resume. Upwork is a race to the bottom where creatives are bidding against third-world freelancers. And don’t get me started about the horrors of Fiverr and Craigslist.


So far, there isn’t a single platform that exists where creatives can list their talents, connect with complementary creatives, and get hired for gigs based upon their experience level.


This is the goal of BlackBird. We began by creating a “Smart-Match” function that digs through our talent pool based upon skills, experience level, and your budget. This way, you are only seeing results that match your project’s criteria. The Smart-Match can be used to find collaborators or creatives-for-hire to take your project to the next level.


We’ve also built in a payment system to make it easy to get paid without fear of getting stood up. Over half of all freelancers have experienced not getting paid for their work. At BlackBird, we created this payment system as a way to enforce proper payment for the members of our creative community.


Since launching in the app store in the last week, it’s been exciting seeing all of the different creatives that are joining our platform. If you’d like to join the community, visit

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