Personal Website – First Post

Personal Website – First Post

Building a personal website is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. I believe that everyone should have a personal website. Especially if you are looking to start your own business.


From what I’ve seen so far, it is very difficult to own your own space on the internet without owning a domain and hosting a website. I am tired of logging into services created by other people to let people know what I am doing. If people are interested, they can visit my site and find out from the source.


As we get pulled deeper into the grasp of companies like Google and Facebook, our digital experience is getting pulled further from the open market place of the internet. As long as we have an open space for dialogue, the best ideas should win. It is a competitive market but when we get placed in “filter bubbles” the discussion turns into an echo chamber of opinions. By owning your own space, you don’t need to be concerned with what you are writing since you are your own administrator.


I’m afraid that these¬†voluntary contributions to Google and Facebook may be hazardous in the future. I think we’ve already seen it with this year’s presidential election. With voter manipulation and suppression is upsetting both sides, people are going to lose their minds, come this November.


My fear is that our reliance upon traditional media pulls us away from the truth and into propaganda. Imagine if Google and Facebook had a tight relationship with the government, wouldn’t it be easy to simply prioritize certain feed tags over others? What if Trump and Hillary news was weighed more than Kaisich or Sanders?
I’m not sure if there is a way around this filter bubble than opting out. It is unlikely that Facebook and Google will reverse their decision to create “learning algorithms” so I will have to reverse my decision to commit to their services. (as he types in Google Chrome)…


I’d like to see the internet become more decentralized. By encrypting the internet, and owning our own data, we have more protection over our own¬†digital presence. We need to move further from these big companies and find open-source, patron-supported sites. I’d pay for a Facebook like site that doesn’t sell me to a million marketers. I’d support a search engine like Google that doesn’t suck like DuckDuckGo. I’ve contributed to multiple open source, community based programs and services like Gimp, Wikipedia, Firefox, and WordPress but I am not seeing this approach for social services.


Would the solution be government control? Would I prefer knowing that the government controls it or would it be better to keep the shadow companies in place that force us to believe that everything is supervised by some private individuals.


I wonder if Mark Zuckerberg’s push to “cure all diseases by the end of the century” has something to do with the fact that he created the greatest spying tool ever made, got everyone to use it, and needs to cover up his name before shit hits the fan.


Sure, bots will crawl my site but at least I’m not giving my thoughts and energy for free to a company that will only take it and profit from it.


Control your digital reality. Build a website.


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