Mission Driven Governance

Mission Driven Governance

For context, here is the link to the document – https://ssir.org/articles/entry/mission_driven_governance


Mission-Driven Governance is an paper discussing the proper behavior of an organization’s hierarchy within a non-profit structure. The current structure, it argues, is flawed as it pits the board members head to head against the executives. “At its core is an image of governance as a never-ending struggle between “principals” (board members) who guard the organization’s resources but have limited informatino to monitor how these resources are used, and their “agents” (executives) who ahve insider knowledge and control the information-filtering apparatus of the organization” (SSIR 39). Instead, if the organization is organized around a mission, the only question is whether or not the actions undertaken by the executives are following the “True North” principle. The idea behind “True North” is that through clear terms of what success means for the organization, every action and decision should completely aligned from that direction.


As a result, this is a brand new type of governance model, “one whose effectiveness is measured by the ability of the organization to achieve its mission”.


Quick Takeaways

  • Create a clear vision and goal document for your organization. Define “True North”.
  • Create clear roles and responsibilities for your employees.


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