Live Music Revolution

Live Music Revolution

It’s now been a few weeks since I began working on a live music project with a small group of Stanford MBA students. I can’t say much, and I know that description is super vague, but bear with me – this is going to get interesting quickly.


From what we have experienced, live music is relatively inaccessible to those who are uninvested in “the scene” – it requires a huge time-sink to find out about each live music scene. As music becomes more accessible through streaming services like Spotify, live shows have been left in the dust. High ticket prices of touring act and inconsistent promotional methods have made it difficult for the average fan to find a local show that they’d enjoy seeing.


More importantly, why is it so difficult to find a local concert that you’d actually enjoy attending?


All good questions with long answers.


So how do we fix it?


More details soon.


But to give you a taste, so far we’ve got over a dozen venues involved in our project with many more who are on the list. Thank you to all of the venues and the 50+ musicians and bands that have joined the live music revolution!


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