Independent Artist Resources

Independent Artist Resources

A lot has happened since my previous post. While I’ve been completely inactive on here and my other social media channels, I’ve been working hard on some new projects. Today, I’m excited to discuss one of them. But first, a quick preface.


A majority of the emerging artists do not have the discipline to meaningful works in today’s ultra-competitive music world. Instead of spending time on learning how to make great music, independent artists are spending time on production techniques. To succeed against the multi-million dollar machines of the major labels, independent artists need to put in more creating and practicing. Every day and hour is critical if you want to thrive in the music world.


Those that have the drive and determination find that they aren’t sure what direction to take next. Random acts of improvement instead of targeted tactical decisions will delay the end goal.


To assist the thousands of musicians that are looking to move forward but aren’t sure how, I’ve created a site called Local Music Online – resources for emerging independent musicians. It will include dozens of interactive industry-related forms and documents to make it easier to plan for success, analyze your current situation, and track your progress as you move closer to your goals.


The best part is, it is completely free to use. All of the documents are available to screen and preview without the need to provide your email. If you want an editable version of the document (all resources are pdfs) then you can donate $5 to the service and get access to all of the documents.

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